Source code for labscript_profile

import site
import sys
import os
from configparser import ConfigParser, NoSectionError, NoOptionError
from pathlib import Path
from subprocess import check_output
import socket
from getpass import getuser

# The contents of this file are imported every time the Python interpreter starts up,
# owing to our custom .pth file that runs the below two functions. This ensures that
# user code, the location of which is configured under pythonlib and userlib in their
# labconfig file, is importable no matter whether they are running code from within a
# labscript suite application or not.
# Since this code runs every startup, code in this module should be side-effect free,
# relatively lean, and fairly bomb-proof.

# This construction instead of simply Path.home() ensures we get the users home
# directory instead of /root if we are running with sudo (such as at install time for a
# system-wide install).
    LABSCRIPT_SUITE_PROFILE = Path("~" + getuser()).expanduser() / 'labscript-suite'
except Exception:
    # Python starting up in some funky environment? Not our problem, be silent.

[docs]def hostname(): if sys.platform == 'darwin': return check_output(['scutil', '--get', 'LocalHostName']).decode('utf8').strip() else: return socket.gethostname()
[docs]def default_labconfig_path(): if LABSCRIPT_SUITE_PROFILE is None: return None return LABSCRIPT_SUITE_PROFILE / 'labconfig' / f'{hostname()}.ini'
[docs]def add_userlib_and_pythonlib(): """Find the users's labconfig file, read the userlib and pythonlib keys, and add those directories to the Python search path. This function intentionally re-implements finding and reading the config file so as to not import labscript_utils, since we dont' want to import something like labscript_utils every time the interpreter starts up""" labconfig = default_labconfig_path() if labconfig is not None and labconfig.exists(): # str() below is for py36 compat, where ConfigParser can't deal with Path objs config = ConfigParser( defaults={'labscript_suite': str(LABSCRIPT_SUITE_PROFILE)} ) for option in ['userlib', 'pythonlib']: try: paths = config.get('DEFAULT', option).split(',') except (NoSectionError, NoOptionError): paths = [] for path in paths: site.addsitedir(path)