The labconfig.ini file

The labconfig.ini file is a global configuration file for your labscript-suite installation. It contains configurable settings that govern how the individual components of the suite operate. The name of this file must be the host computer’s system name. So if my system’s name was heisenberg, the labconfig file name would be heisenberg.ini. This file should be located in the labscript-suite directory in the user space, in the labconfig subdirectory.

When installing the **labscript-suite** for the first time, running the labscript-profile-create command will automatically generate the labscript-suite user space directory in the correct place and generate a labconfig.ini file for use on your system. By editing the ini file named after your system, you can update the configuration settings of your labscript-suite installation.

The Default labconfig.ini

Below is a copy of the default lab configuration if you were to install the labscript-suite today.


When updates are made to the suite that add or change keys available in the labconfig, your local file will NOT be automatically updated to include them. Instead, if keys are missing from your local profile, default behavior will be assumed. To implement the added functionality, you will need to manually add/change the keys in your local labconfig.

apparatus_name = example_apparatus
shared_drive = C:
experiment_shot_storage = %(shared_drive)s\Experiments\%(apparatus_name)s
userlib= %(labscript_suite)s\userlib
pythonlib = %(userlib)s\pythonlib
labscriptlib = %(userlib)s\labscriptlib\%(apparatus_name)s
analysislib = %(userlib)s\analysislib\%(apparatus_name)s
app_saved_configs = %(labscript_suite)s\app_saved_configs\%(apparatus_name)s
user_devices = user_devices

connection_table_h5 = %(experiment_shot_storage)s\connection_table.h5
connection_table_py = %(labscriptlib)s\

zlock = localhost
runmanager = localhost

BLACS = 42517
lyse = 42519
runviewer = 42521
runmanager = 42523
zlock = 7339
zlog = 7340
zprocess_remote = 7341

communication_timeout = 60

text_editor = %%PROGRAMFILES%%\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe
text_editor_arguments = {file}
hdf5_viewer = %%LOCALAPPDATA%%\HDF_Group\HDFView\3.1.0\hdfview.bat
hdf5_viewer_arguments = {file}

save_hg_info = False
save_git_info = False

connection_table = True
connection_table.hashable_types = ['.py', '.txt', '.ini', '.json']
connection_table.polling_interval = 1.0

delete_repeated_shots = False
general = True
memory = False
progress_bar = False
theme = True

autoload_config_file = %(app_saved_configs)s\lyse\lyse.ini
integer_indexing = False

autoload_config_file = %(app_saved_configs)s\runmanager\runmanager.ini
output_folder_format = %%Y\%%m\%%d\{sequence_index:04d}
filename_prefix_format = %%Y-%%m-%%d_{sequence_index:04d}_{script_basename}

shared_secret = %(labscript_suite)s\labconfig\zpsecret-b810f83f.key