the labscript suite

Experiment control and automation system

The labscript suite is a powerful and extensible framework for experiment composition, control, execution, and analysis. Developed for quantum science and quantum engineering; deployable in laboratory and in-field devices. Also applicable to optics, microscopy, materials engineering, biophysics, and any application predicated on the repetition of parameterised, hardware-timed experiments.


  • Flexible and automated oversight of heterogeneous hardware.

  • The most mature and widely used open-source control system in quantum science.

  • Multiple analysis-based feedback modes.

  • Extensible plugin architecture (e.g. machine learning online optimisation).

  • Readily integrates with other software, including image acquisition, analysis, and even other control systems.

  • Compose experiments as human-readable Python code, leveraging modularity, revision control and re-use.

  • Dynamic visualisation of experiment composition and results.

  • Remote operation: different modules can run on physically separate hosts / single modules can be run on multiple hosts (including hardware supervisor, blacs).

  • Auto-generating user-interfaces.

  • High-level scripting: user-interface interaction can be programatically synthesised.

Citing the labscript suite

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